Reille Hunter Book Fails To Captivate, Earns Bestseller Badge

Rielle Hunter’s new book detailing her affair with former politico John Edwards is now in bookstores everywhere. Barring any new developments, it looks like most copies will stay there.

Hunter achieved infamy when Edwards, a former presidential candidate, announced he was having an extra-marital affair with her while his wife, Elizabeth Edwards, was battling the terminal stages of breast cancer. Mr. Edwards was subsequently indicted on six charges that he illegally used campaign contributions to cover up his affair with Ms. Hunter. He has since been acquitted.

Reille Hunter, posing for GQ. The toys are presumably Ms. Hunter’s only remaining friends.

After a disastrous book tour, during which Ms. Hunter managed to sell only 6,000 copies, the honey-haired home wrecker is licking her wounds. In the run-up to her book tour, Ms. Hunter was embarrassed on the View when Ms. Walters and crew called her a “a scheming, heartless, liar” in front of throngs of menopausal women. Ms. Hunter was making an appearance on the daytime talk show to announce her split with Mr. Edwards, though she insists he is a great father to their daughter.

Ms. Hunter’s tell-all memoir is titled “What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter, and Me.” Ms. Hunter’s book joins “Soul Enchilada: The Devil Is In the Details” as one of the worst-named books ever to appear in print. While Soul Enchilada burns the sensibilities with its re-fried wit, What Really Happened merely disappoints by being shockingly bland. The heart shudders at the inevitable titles that Ms. Hunter must have proposed before settling on this albatross.

Not all is lost for Ms. Hunter, however. Despite the book’s poor sales, What Really Happened” did manage to crack the New York Times’ Bestseller List. While the Hunter camp celebrates its modest coup, writers and editors all across the nation are bemoaning two truly depressing facts: E. L. James’ 50 Shades trilogy is resting atop the “literary” world for the 19th straight week; it only takes 6,000 units to be a “best-seller.”

Nietzsche’s last prognostication.


5 responses to “Reille Hunter Book Fails To Captivate, Earns Bestseller Badge

  1. I don’t know what’s worse that 50 shades is up for 19 weeks or that Hunter cracked the NY Bestseller’s List. It’s all depressing.

    • I’m with you. If I had to choose, however, I’d probably say Hunter cracking the bestseller’s list. I don’t really mind the smutty aspects of James’s series as much as I do the really bad writing, so I can only really vilify it for that. Will people be reading it in 20 years? Probably not. Hunter’s ‘success’ says something troubling about our culture as a whole: we don’t read books anymore. Thanks for your comment, Cassie!

      • That’s true, Hunter’s success is upsetting because it’s a success built on tabloids and rumors and not actual literary merit – you’re totally right about people not reading books anymore. How upsetting. Thank you! I haven’t read 50 Shades but I’ve heard a lot of book snobs say how bad the writing is. I just don’t even want to try at this point. I feel like everyone, everywhere has reviewed that book, or at least written about it on twitter in 140 characters or less.

      • I haven’t read “50 Shades,” but I have picked it up and given it the old once-over. It’s pretty easy to sum up in four characters, but I’ll try to stay classy today. Thanks again for reading.

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