About the Author

Hi. Thanks for coming to my blog. Here’s a small background on me: I’m a 25-year old grant writer. I can be cynical in the morning and optimistic at night. I love houses that incorporate old bricks. I listen to Bill Evans, the Beatles, and Built to Spill—I’m a sucker for alliteration (and the Oxford comma). As a rule, I try not to behave like a robot, although I’m not always successful, especially on the dance floor. My family is small and my friends are few, but I try to acknowledge their love and patience as often as I can. And, yes, I do enjoy cheese. Stilton is nice.

Me after hearing that little Tony’s pet hamster had died.

I grew up going to a German immersion school, from Kindergarten all the way up to 8th grade. As a child, I was fortunate enough to be sent off to southern Germany during the summer. There, I fell in love with swimming pools, soccer, and bicycles, and had my first serious scuffle with nettle bushes. To my credit, I never accepted the custom of slathering mayonnaise over my fries. My prejudice against emulsified egg yolks and oil extends only this far.

I’m hoping this blog will be a vector for both random musings and more purposed pieces. I’m into books and philosophy, the milestones and crises of culture, as well as sports and science. I love a good yarn, and so I really hope that a few coughed-up hairballs come flying your way. In my mind, there is nothing better than a good story. A good story can destroy your sense of self in the most pleasant way.

I don’t have any big intentions for this blog. I imagine I’ll sometimes have a hard time staying pithy, so bear with me while I fight those darker impulses. Some of it should hopefully be funny. A lot of the time I will editorialize. I’ll do my best to link to content where appropriate, to rely on authorities smarter than myself, to create writing that sparks dialogue instead of dogma. I absolutely reserve the right to self-plagiarize.

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