PBS Produces Rapper’s Delite on Julia Child’s 100th Anniversary

It’s Julia Child’s 100th anniversary, and PBS has remixed some classic footage of the Juke cooking and warbling like a songbird. My guess is that PBS hired a contractor do produce this, because the Auto-Tune and PBS fit together like Dennis Rodman and whoever he might be dating at the time.

I love Julia Child, partly because my dad loves her. At any given time, he prefers to think that whatever came out of the 50s is automatically better than what we have nowadays. It’s a fait accompli. His The Joy of Cooking is old and balding and falling apart, but he refuses to get a new one.

Anyway, Julia Child was awesome before that silly movie with the talented Meryl Streep renegotiated her popularity, and she’ll be awesome when people have forgotten about her in the next 20 years.

Julia had pathos, patience, and a deep respect for butter. She was not unlike Helen Gurley Brown, who died on Monday. Whereas Brown destigmatized the notion that single women couldn’t have a sex life (and enjoy it), Child destigmatized the notion that butter was the bitter enemy of housewives anywhere but Paris.

Child was also a spy. My hagiography is hereby ended.

For those of you interested in remixes of other PBS superstars, check out these videos of Bob Ross and Mister Rogers. Although all three videos are good, PBS definitely hit the ball out of the park with the Child remix. Enjoy!


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